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Chicks or Ducklings

I read this today and want to share it with all my friends:
“I remember reading of a man named Dr. R.B. Shattuck who put duck eggs under a brooding hen. Some very amusing things happened, as he related. He said that next to human beings, hens are the most easily hum-bugged creatures and that putting duck eggs under a hen is one of the biggest jokes on that farm. When the ducks are hatched it is a tragedy for the hen and a comedy for the bystanders. The ducklings go where they please, utterly indifferent to the hen’s frantic clucking and cackling. They do not understand the hens’ frantic utterings, and she does not know whether they are happy or suffering pain. They eat what she forbids and refuse what she offers. They never follow her; she is always following them trying to get them to do her bidding. They head for the nearest mud puddle and she almost has a nervous breakdown. When they become waterlogged and sticky with mud, they rub themselves against her to dry themselves off. It is a one-way relationship — she is compelled to “mother” the ducks, but they never even approximate being her chicks. It is a sad situation to say the least.It is quite easy to see in all of this a parallel with many who call themselves children of God. They proclaim that God is their Father, but there is little resemblance and no obedience. God is bound to be their Father, but they need not be His children. There is no interest in the things of God and they have no heart to do the things He requires. As in the former case, something is radically wrong…”
My thoughts: If you are a child of God you will follow Him and do what He commands.  Are you one of God’s chicks, or are you a duckling?

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We have started up our puppet ministry again.  The teenagers are our puppeteers, and are doing a great job. 


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New worker


This is a picture of one of our recently saved teenagers teaching the memory verse in one of our children’s church services.

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Working out the kinks

We have been learning how to get along in the new area we are living in.  One thing is the phone and internet.  We were not able to get a phone line installed where we are now living.  I discovered that a substitute 3g network phone and internet service is available for people in our situation.  I purchased the router and service, but it has a limited amount of service available, and never seems to make it through the month without using all of my time.  There is no unlimited service available.  So I got an android phone with an internet (limited) plan.  Again, there is no unlimited plan available.  We are getting it worked out, but I am going to have to pay more each month for our hime plan if wr are going to have service that lasts the entire month.

Another area that has a kink is with one of our new neighbors.  I now have a neighbor who plays his worldly musuc very loudly during the daytime.  His music is so loud that it echos throughout my entire house.  We have spoken to him, but he has made it clear that he isn’t changing for us.  Initially I prayed that the Lord would break his radio.  That might not be the most spiritual way to pray, but a day later we had silence.  It was quiet for a little over a week, then the music was back.  I found out his system did break down and it took him a little over a week to get it fixed.  I stopped praying for it to break and started praying for him to be saved.  Please join me in this prayer.  In the meantime, I have a speaker that I put between his and my house that I use to play good music (loudly) when he plays his loudly.  We’re stilling trying to work out this kink.

Another is the electrical and water problems.  We haven’t had water for five or six days.  We save up water in tanks (the smallest holds 265 gallons).  I just learned how to take a tank to a certain place outside of town on a trailer to fill it up free.  I bring it home and pump the water into a tank on my roof whete it is gravity-fed into the house…kink worked out. 

I mention the electricity also.  Our electricity is only on fir about 6 to 8 hours a day.  I learned that we are on a dividing line of two sectors.  We ran a new electrical line to the sector behind us and can now switch between the two.  This has given us over 12 hours of electricity in a 24 hour day.  We still have the problem of low voltage, but we are thankful for what we have.  By the way, both sides are off and we are without electricity as I write this blog entry.  Kink mostly worked out.  We need solar panels.  That is the next big investment.

There are a few more kinks I could mention, but I just noticed this entry is getting pretty long.  We’ll keep working on these kinks to see if we can get it all worked out.  We’re still learning after 13 years.


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Blogging again

I have not added any content to this blog for sometime now. I am afraid that I have not been a very good blogger. I am going to make another stab at this blogging thing. I will probably be making some changes to this blog to bring it up-to-date.

The work down here is going well. We have more excitement among our teens than we have had in a long time. We baptized one recently saved teenage boy last week, and we will be baptizing another this Sunday. We praise the Lord for the excitement these young men are showing since being saved.

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Jewell Family Presentation Video 2011/2012

If you are able to see youtube videos, you will be able to see our presentation video for our furlough that begins next Wednesday.  Please pray that we will be a blessing to the churches we visit, and that we will be able to raise additional funds for the work here in the Dominican Republic.

Your friend and servant for Christ,

Roger Jewell


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Our last week

We will be leaving for the states in one week.  It is hard to leave, yet we are looking forward to seeing family and friends in the states.  The church is in good hands under the leadership of Paul Ramirez (my assistant).  He is a good preacher, loves the Lord and loves the people.  He is understandably nervous of leading the work alone, but I am sure he will do just fine.

The building is still going up, and we are working hard out there every day.  I am spending a lot of evenings out there to guard the water tank and other building materials from being stolen by thieves.   We cannot leave these things out there without a guard.  We do live in a society where there is a lot of thievery.

The neighbor family of the church had their horse stolen while I was guarding the church one night last week.  The week before that, someone stole the large pot the lady uses to cook food in that she sells in the streets.  The horse is used by her husband to go up into the mountain area where he has a small garden, and makes charcoal.  The thieves are out, and busy in their wicked profession every night, so we must be vigilant also.

I will try to get some more pictures up of the new church building before I leave, but I am really busy right now, and will stay busy until we leave.  There is just so much to do to prepare for our departure.  Please keep us all in your prayers this week.

Your friend and servant for Christ,

Roger Jewell

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New Building Pictures

I have just put up some new pictures of our building project. You can go to ‘Building Project in Barahona’ (above) to see a slideshow of what I put up today. I will add more as time permits.

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My Father’s World on the Ocarina

I thought I would post a video showing a little known instrument called an ocarina that our family plays.  In this video, I am playing the ocarina while my daughter, Hannah plays the piano.  I hope you enjoy it.

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I received the following in my email today.  I thought it was excellent, and wanted to pass it along:

The following statement by Charles Haddon Spurgeon is from The Forgotten Spurgeon by Iain Murray: “Ah, my dear brethren! there are many that are deceived by this method of reasoning. They remain where their conscience tells them they ought not to be, because, they say, they are more useful than they would be if they went `without the camp.’ This is doing evil that good may come, and can never be tolerated by an enlightened conscience. If an act of sin would increase my usefulness tenfold, I have no right to do it; and if an act of righteousness would appear likely to destroy all my apparent usefulness, I am yet to do it. It is yours and mine to do the right though the heavens fall, and follow the command of Christ whatever the consequences may be. ‘That is strong meat,’ do you say? Be strong men, then, and feed thereon … For right is right, since God is God/ And right the day must win/ To doubt would be disloyalty/ To falter would be sin.”

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