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What is going on in the Dominican Republic?

Click here if you would like to read a short recap of some of our national news in English.  This is found on the DR1 news service website.  This is updated Monday through Friday.

General Information:

The Dominican Republic is a country of approximately 9 million people.  Our city of Barahona has about 78,000 people in it.  The people of the Dominican Republic speak Spanish.  This is mainly a Catholic nation with a proposed 95% of population being Roman Catholic.

The city of Barahona does not have much of a “middle class”.  We have some very wealthy people and a lot of very poor people.  The unemployment rate is extremely high in our city.  We always see many people sitting outside with nothing to do.  Theft, drugs and alcohol are real problems in our city.  Many people are fearful to go out after 10:00pm.

We only get water for a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening.  We also have frequent power outages throughout the day and evening that normally last several hours.  It can also be difficult to find what you are looking for when shopping.

We have many more motorcycles and scooters in our city than cars.  The motorcycle is used as a cheap taxi service by many people in our city.  You also see people walking everywhere.

Here is a map of the Dominican Republic.  We live in Barahona.  Can you find where we are?


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