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I have put some various family pictures in a slide show (above).  You can also go to my Flickr page to see a few different pictures of the Dominican Republic and our work.  You can get there by clicking here.



  1. We enjoyed the video of the Bible Club! It looked like almost as much fun as the talent show at the Gillaspies in Ft. Myers!

    Your friend,


  2. Brother Gillaspie, we had such a great time at your home. We remember the talent show very well! Everyone should have talent shows in their homes. What a great idea!

  3. Roger, Love the photographs, esp the one of the boys in the mud! 🙂 What a good looking family you have! Thanks so much for your vital ministry! Keep keeping on! -Pat

  4. The pictures are great! The kids all look happy. Very proud of you little brother.
    Love Ya! Denise(Big Sis)

  5. Love looking at the pictures, give all the kids my love, regret not having built a relationship with them. Proud of your accomplishments brother.
    Love you, Robin

  6. We enjoyed your reports of the mission work going on in the Gospel Baptist Church in Bonita Springs. Praying for the building project. I will be in Haiti with CWE 4/21-4/28. Construcion for Worldwide Evangelism. They are located . 4301 West South Ave Tampa, FL . They have built several churches in the DR.Never hurts to put your name in their hat.
    God Bless all
    Millie Jackson

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