Posted by: The Jewell Family | October 31, 2013

Chicks or Ducklings

I read this today and want to share it with all my friends:
“I remember reading of a man named Dr. R.B. Shattuck who put duck eggs under a brooding hen. Some very amusing things happened, as he related. He said that next to human beings, hens are the most easily hum-bugged creatures and that putting duck eggs under a hen is one of the biggest jokes on that farm. When the ducks are hatched it is a tragedy for the hen and a comedy for the bystanders. The ducklings go where they please, utterly indifferent to the hen’s frantic clucking and cackling. They do not understand the hens’ frantic utterings, and she does not know whether they are happy or suffering pain. They eat what she forbids and refuse what she offers. They never follow her; she is always following them trying to get them to do her bidding. They head for the nearest mud puddle and she almost has a nervous breakdown. When they become waterlogged and sticky with mud, they rub themselves against her to dry themselves off. It is a one-way relationship — she is compelled to “mother” the ducks, but they never even approximate being her chicks. It is a sad situation to say the least.It is quite easy to see in all of this a parallel with many who call themselves children of God. They proclaim that God is their Father, but there is little resemblance and no obedience. God is bound to be their Father, but they need not be His children. There is no interest in the things of God and they have no heart to do the things He requires. As in the former case, something is radically wrong…”
My thoughts: If you are a child of God you will follow Him and do what He commands.  Are you one of God’s chicks, or are you a duckling?


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