Posted by: The Jewell Family | March 28, 2009

A Current Need

Our van broke down in October, 2008.  Since that time, we have been without a vehicle to use as a family.  We do have a small scooter that I use to get around town in.

Getting groceries is another matter.  Kathy prefers to go with at least one of the girls, so they walk down to our outdoor market, but some things there, then walk over to a fruit stand where she generally gets a couple of other things.  Then she calls me from the fruit stand, and I ride down on my scooter to pick up the bags that she has.  From there, the girls walk to a store to get other grocery items.  When they finish, they call me again to come pick up those bags.  From there, they walk to the place where we get our meat, buy something and walk back home.  It usually takes a couple of hours to do the shopping (and a lot of walking for Kathy and the girls).

We have not been able to go anywhere as a family since last October.  We do need a reliable vehicle, and are praying that the Lord will supply something quickly.  Three churches and one family have sacrificed to help us get a vehicle.  We currently have $3,363.00 to use toward a vehicle.  We need between $7,000.00 and $10,000.00 to get our vehicle.

We would appreciate you praying with us about this need.  If you would like to help us get a van, you can send a check to Tabernacle Baptist Church, P.O. Box 369, Lebanon, MO 65536.  Please make the check payable to Roger Jewell and indicate that it is for our “vehicle fund”.  Thank you.



  1. Brother,

    Some news would be good . . .

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