Posted by: The Jewell Family | February 15, 2009

Please Pray For Your Missionaries

My wife, Kathy, walks two teenage girls home after every evening church service that we hold.  She does so to help protect them from any dangers that might be in the street, plus it gives her a chance to talk with them personally.  They live about a mile from the church.  After I get everything locked up at the church, and our children get home, I go pick Kathy up on my scooter.  We would just do all of this in a car or van if we had one, but at this time we do not have a working vehicle.

Anyway, Kathy and I were headed home on the scooter, when a man with no lights on his bike (and flying down the road) hit us broadside in the street.  Kathy went off our scooter backwards and…

…got skinned up.  I also got knocked off the bike, but didn’t get hurt.  The city power was out and there were no lights on in the street.  The man driving the motorcycle was going very quickly, and didn’t have any lights or reflectors on his motorcycle either (there are a lot of motorcycles like this).

Kathy and I are fine, and our scooter received minor damage considering how hard it was hit.  This is just one example of dangers that are in our streets.  I know there are the same dangers in the states, but what many of you do not know is that there are few laws, here in the DR, that regulate the vehicles.  This driver didn’t have a license plate on his vehicle, didn’t have good brakes or lights on his motorcycle, didn’t have insurance and probably didn’t have a driver’s license.  He is not the exception to the rule, but is rather the norm here.

We also have dangers with thieves and others.  Men are constantly throwing kisses at my wife and girls.  A man continued to try to take my oldest daughter’s hand and take her to the side of the road to talk to her the other day.  She was very rude to him, and didn’t allow him to hardly touch her (although he kept insisting).  He finally said that she was “crazy” and gave up.  The men here tend to be more perverse (and crude), and my daughters, being white, are unique.  That, alone, draws them much attention from many men.

We are not the only missionaries in this situation.  I am just trying to let you know that you missionaries need your prayers.  You cannot be here with us to help protect and watch over us, but the Lord can.  We serve a great God, and we should go to Him each and every day.   Please remember us, and your other missionaries, when praying this week.  Thank you for your prayers.




  1. I think we need to put you and yours at the top of the Prayer List.

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